Asphalt Cold Recycling

UAE achieved great success within a short span of time under the visionary leadership of the rulers with latest technologies. At RAD international, we are thankful to be a small part of this progress. Our next area of focus will be "Green Sustainability". So we invested heavily in adoption of a new technology to minimize the effect of our activities on the environment. We also gained the technical expertise to be able to apply this technology within the UAE. This spectacular technology is called "Asphalt Cold Recycling".


Benefits of Asphalt Cold Recycling

  • By using the existing materials Cost and duration of the rehabilitation projects will be reduced effectively

Asphalt cold recycling process
Distressed asphalt pavement reclaimed and mixed with foamed bitumen / cement and Resulting in a perfect recycled new asphalt pavement.

  • Quality of the recycled layer is high due to consistent high quality of mixing of the in-situ materials with additives (foamed bitumen/bitumen emulsion with or without cement).
  • Cold recycling is typically a single-pass operation, layers are homogeneous and do not contain weak interfaces between thinner pavement layers.
  • It's an energy conservation method duo to minimum consumption of the fusil fuels.
  • Avoiding dumping old asphalt to the nature and minimum requirement of the fresh material turn it to one of the most Environmental friendly systems of its kind.
  • No traffic problems, the full train can be accommodated within the width of one traffic line.
  • Transversal and longitudinal profile modification of the old road.



Cold "In Situ" Asphalt Recycling Process is grinding the in-situ asphalt layer and mixing it with underneath base layer to a certain depth and adding recycling additives such as foamed-bitumen, bitumen emulsion, cement and/or their combination. The whole process will complete in a single pass of the recycling train inside the mixing chamber of the recycler. The additive injection is controlled by microprocessor. This will insure the uniform mixing. 


Recycling Process



Stabilization is a general term is referring to a process in which additives like lime, cement, bitumen emulsion, foamed-bitumen and their combinations is added to the poor quality material in order to improve their quality. Sand could be mixed with bitumen in the form of emulsion or foamed-bitumen and the final mixture will show remarkable engineering characteristics. The load bearing capacity of stabilized sand enables us to use it as road base. 

Stabilisation Stabilisation Stabilisation









RAD Experience

List of Projects implemented by our highly skilled engineers:

  • Lebanon, Minieh Project : Lengh - 9 km, Total area - 82,000 m2
  • Lebanon, Tabarja Chekka Highway : Length - 80 km, Total area - 720,000 m2
  • Syria, Abdeh Aboudieh Project : Length - 12 km, Total area - 102,000 m2
  • Iran, Asaluyeh Airport : Total area - 860,000 m2
  • Iran, Tehran – Qom Highway : Length – 100 km, Total area – 1,100,000 m2 

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