Micro Seal

What is it?

It is a mixture of specially graded aggregate and an asphalt emulsion. It is applied with a squeegee device.


A slurry will seal an existing pavement and produce some minor leveling without the inconvenience of loose cover stone. It can also be used for mass crack fi lling, to improve skid resistance, to enhance appearance, and to reduce studded tire wear. A slurry made with a coal tar emulsion can protect the pavement in parking areas from damages by petroleum spills and drips. 

How is it done?

Aggregates are generally selected using the International Slurry Seal Association (ISSA) grading specification (below). The largest aggregate varies from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, depending on the application. Aggregates, which are entirely manufactured, seem to give a better end product and a more durable slurry seal. The aggregate is mixed with a CSS-1, CSS-1h or Cationic Quick Set (CQS-1h) asphalt emulsion. The percent of emulsion is determined by specifi cations and tests set forth by the ISSA. Slurries are produced in transit mix trucks or specially designed slurry seal equipment and are laid through a drag box with a rubber squeegee strike off. Traffic must be kept off the slurry until it is cured.


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